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Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

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Scientific Work

The science department of the Katunskiy nature reserve was founded in 1992. Study of the natural environment, ecological monitoring and applied researches organizing are the main areas of scientific work aiming at improving the natural resources management.  The territory of another specially protected area – the natural park “Belukha” - located in the Ust-Koksa region is of great concern.

Over the past few years the work of the Katunskiy nature reserve science department became internationally recognized. Since 2005 several international projects have been realized in the Katunskiy nature reserve. These projects are devoted to researches of global changes in mountain regions. Within a framework of these projects the Katunskiy reserve staff members took part in developing a strategy for global changes study. The main criteria for estimating climate change and its impact on biodiversity were identified as a result of UNESCO GLOCHAMORE project. It stands to mention it was the first experience in developing adaptive strategy for SPNA in Russia.

Every year the scientific department members publish their works in foreign periodicals and take an active part in international conferences. In 2008 one of young scientists, a member of the Katunskiy reserve, was awarded with a UNESCO grant.

Practical implementation of modern technologies from e-maps and space images to automated meteorological observing stations and trail-cameras is an integral part of the reserve scientific work. All these along with other monitoring means offer an opportunity to make quantitative estimation of the global changes impact on the unique mountain landscapes and serve as the basis for developing action plans for addressing climate changes in the Altai-Sayan region.

The Katunskiy reserve experience in scientific work is in great demand among other SPNAs on the Altai Sayan territory. So, in 2010 on the premises of the Katunskiy reserve a seminar devoted to the alpine ecosystems monitoring methods was given to members of other nature reserves.

A wide range of conferences and seminars devoted to climate changes and preserving biodiversity is annually arranged by the Katunskiy staff members involving regional and international experts.