Address: s. Ust-Koksa, ul. Zapovednaya, 1,
Phones: +7(38848)22-9-46, +7(38848)23-1-43,


Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

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Rules and Regulations

  1. Please note that entrance to the area requires permission from the nature reserve administration located in Ust-Koksa village. Entrance fees are payable by each visitor. Entrance tickets cost 150ϼ for adults and 75ϼ for children
  2. In accordance with the regulations on the Katunskiy state nature reserve approved by the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian federation visitors to the territory  of the Multiskiye lakes are allowed only accompanied by a state inspector. Tourist groups are formed at the cordon “Sredneye Multinskoye lake” at 11 a.m. every day. Tours to the Verkhne-Multinskoye lake are arranged on even-numbered days, tours to the Poperechnoye lake – on odd-numbered days.
  3. While being on a tour strictly follow the route. Camping is allowed only on specially designated places
  4. Building fire anywhere except on specially designated places is not allowed.
  5. Woodcutting is prohibited. Collection of dead and down wood is allowed.
  6. All waste discharges are prohibited.
  7. Picking flowers, berries, nuts, mushrooms and other natural gifts is not permitted.
  8. No noise is allowed.
  9. Hunting and fishing on the territory is strictly forbidden.
  10. Photography and video recording require special permission from administration.

Failure to comply with the regulations shall be considered a violation.
Offenders shall take administrative or criminal responsibility for their actions.