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Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

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Route length: 95 kilometers over the nature reserve territory in one direction
Tour duration: 5-7 days
Mode of travelling: on horse, on foot, by water
Tour description:
The tour starts with a motorboat trip over the largest river of the Altai Mountains the Katun from village Maralovodka to village Ust-koksa. The tourists get to village Maralovodka by car. The water-part covers about 80 kilometers of the total route length and brings the tourists to the cordon at the mouth of the Tikhaya River. Here one can choose a horseback riding or hiking to the natural boundary Tyurgen at the mouth of the Bystraya River, come to its upper reaches and continue the path over the forest reserve territory through the sources of the Stanovaya River to lake Taimenie. Further on the route goes over the Ozernaya River up to The Katun and over the Katun up to Maralovodka village.
The route goes through mountain taiga, midlands, alpine highlands and the Katun river valley. During the tour one gets an opportunity to watch marals and bears on the alpine meadows, to see a sable, a squirrel, a wolverine and other animals in taiga and even meet a musk deer - the smallest representative of deer family included in the Red Book.  You’ll certainly enjoy unforgettable sceneries of the Katun ridge; picturesque waterfalls on the Kapchal River and a wonderful view of the highest point of Siberia sacred Belukha.



  • Leave the route
  • Use detergents or cleaning agents in natural water bodies
  • Break and cut trees
  • Pick natural gifts
  • Build a fire anywhere except on specially designated place
  • Leave marks on trees and stones
  • Catch and scare animals
  • Bring pets and domestic animals
  • Discard rubbish


  • Have an insurance policy to cover helicopter costs when an insurance event occurs
  • Have a tick-borne encephalitis vaccinatio
  • Register by Emerco


People in need of constant care and medical supervision are NOT RECOMMENDED to take this tour