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Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

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Land of lakes and waterfalls

Route length:

Tour duration: 1 day

Mode of travelling: on foot

Tour description:

The tour starts at the cordon “Srednemultinskoye Lake”. You get a chance to take a fascinating journey to the world of lakes and waterfalls. The rout goes through subalpine meadows and cedar-larch taiga where one can see Allium Altaicum, Paeonia hybrida, Rheum Altaicum, Rhodiola rosea and other plants included in the Red book. Bears, hares, squirrels, sables, roe dear, pikas and other amazing animals inhabit these areas. Local waters are abundant with grayling and other fish.

Lake Poperechnoye and Lake Verkhnemultinskoye are the main attractions of the tour. The Verkhnemultinskoye is considered one of the most picturesque lakes on the nature reserve territory. It is located at the attitude of 1795 m. Many small brooks originating from the glaciers and snow fields fall into the lake forming plenty of beautiful waterfalls; Tomich waterfall 47 m high is the highest among them. The lake commands a lovely view of glaciers, snow fields, waterfalls and mountain slopes covered with colourful alpine flowers all reflecting in the waters.

The Poperechnoye opens extremely wonderful views as well. It has an elongated shape and is located at the attitude of 1885 m. There are several waterfalls on the lake. They are formed by brooks that originate from glaciers and snow fields. The Poperechnaya river, the right inflow of the Multa River, takes its source in the Poperechnoye lake.

There is a guest house and a visitor center at the cordon “Srednemultinskoye Lake”. The visitor center is made in a style of a traditional Altaian house – aiyl. Here tourists can learn the history of the Katunskiy nature reserve, get acquainted with the main aspects of its activity and buy some booklets and souvenirs.